Top Wines for Investment

During the current economic climate, Vanquish Wines believe that there are incredible buying opportunities for those who wish to start a collection of fine wines, buying with candid advice and a keen understanding of the market.


Industry data demonstrates that the very best investment strategy in fine wine is to invest in the `blue chips` of the wine world. Historically they have appreciated in value at a more consistent rate, have out-performed the benchmark indicies and do not represent `fashions` that go in and out of favour over a short period of time. All of these wines are French, and the most tradable wines come from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Richard Brierley – Head of Fine Wine at Vanquish Wine Ltd, Wine Expert and Auctioneer – suggests his Top 10 Wines for Investment in 2009:

1 – Cháteau Latour
2 – Cháteau Lafite Rothschild
3 – Cháteau Mouton Rothschild
4 – Cháteau Margaux
5 – Cháteau Haut Brion
6 – Cháteau Cheval Blanc
7 – Pétrus
8 – Le Pin
9 – Domaine de le Romanée Conti
10 – Cháteau d`Yquem

Richard Brierley, 35, recently joined London based Vanquish Wine as their Head of Fine Wine. He previously resided in the States, where he was Vice President and Head of Christie`s North America wine department where he was responsible for $27 million in sales in 2007. Described as a `fearsome talent in the wine and drinks industry`, Brierley took up the position at Christie`s at the fair age of 28, injecting youth and passion into an industry normally associated with stuffy tradition and `old-boys`. His knowledge and ambition has served to propel him into the upper echelons of wine and fine art auctioneering; he is greatly respected amongst his clients, which have included A-list celebrities, New York property developers and hedge fund managers to name a few.

At Vanquish Wine, Brierley offers educated tips and insights into buying fine wines for investment and is increasingly seeing younger buyers who want to build wine collections, which he sees as a positive development for the industry. Amongst his top tips for wine investment he advises `remember what you paid for it rather than what its worth and never spend more than you`re willing to drink`.

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