The new Apple iWatch?

We were sent a couple of interesting images from a designer at MyVoucherCodes – the UK`s biggest discount voucher website. They were so interesting, we had to share. Behold! The new Apple iWatch!!!….

…Or an interpretation of what is likely to be Apple`s next big thing.

But these images are more than just a fancy mock up, they are based on two patents from Apple along with other information. Together, the designer has cleverly managed to create the best yet images of the new Apple iWatch which is thought will be a mini version of the hugely popular iPhone design.

The first patent is for a spiral design to be used. A little reminiscent of the clickwheel present on many iPods. The spiral would make a very intuitive watch interface.

The second patent confirms Apple certainly have plans to release a watch. In the patent application, Apple made reference to a handheld device being “a smart phone, a mobile computing device, a mobile phone, a portable media player, a watch, etc.”

The new apple iWatch design is based on the Ikepod Geneve Horizon series which is owned and designed by Marc Newson, who is very good friends with Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Sir Jonathan Ive.

There could be the possibility of some Ikepod style input into a potential Apple iWatch, if the two work together on the project.

Only time (sorry ;D) will tell what the new Apple iWatch will actually look like, but these images give a fairly good indication of what to expect.

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