The Cattle Grid, Windsor – Review

Windsor has to be one of my favourite places to visit in the whole of the UK. The history, the architecture, the lingering sense of pomp and ceremony – it`s just a fantastically atmospheric town. Plus, the Queen lives there, so it can`t be too bad! Last week, Lussorian was invited to The Cattle Grid, an American style eatery with a relaxed and charming feel. The restaurant mainly focuses on the more carnivorous human tendencies, so vegetarians may not find much on the menu here. However, as a huge fan of good steaks, ribs, wings and other such meaty delights, I had a fantastic meal. The restaurant itself has a traditional American feel – complete with rustic furniture and flashes of stainless steel. Additionally, I should at that the staff were great and made every effort they could to accommodate our needs.


Although the restaurant doesn`t do `starters` in the conventional sense, there are a selection of smaller dishes which can be had before the mains. I braved the hot wings, complete with Frank`s Extra Hot sauce and a stilton dipping sauce. This was a a fiery way to start the meal and the flavours got the taste buds dancing, with zingy undertones and a satisfying heat. But be careful, it is rather hot, so err on the side of caution here. My partner went for a half rack of juicy pork ribs, complete with a sauce that was sweet and complemented the pork perfectly. In short, this was a really flavoursome dish. I loved these smaller dishes and they really made me look forward to the rest of the meal.

Having cooled my senses with an ice cold Moretti, the arrival of the Surf & Turf to my table was a real pleasure. The dish, as one would expect, was made up of a duo of a 100z sirloin steak and two King Prawns (reasonably priced at £18.95). I added the chilli and garlic butter sauce to my steak and it was cooked to perfection. The king prawns were also fantastic, but I would have felt a little happier with 3 rather than two – there is just something more satisfying about things in three! My partner`s steak was a little varying in thickness, so the steak was cooked to order only in half. This was a bit of a shame, however, she was too full to eat anymore anyway.The steak sauces and toppings on offer are freshly made and taste fabulous – there are also more than 15 to pick from, so there is bound to be something for all palettes here.


The cattle grid also serves a fabulous selection of burgers, with flavour combinations such as Brie and bacon, stilton and flat mushroom and Welsh rarebit and bacon. From what we could see, these burgers looked gorgeous and very generous in size. Salads are also available and these start at £7.50.
Our meal at the Cattle Grid was an absolute delight; maybe it`s my love of meat laden dishes or maybe I just loved their large portions, but whatever the reason, I would certainly recommend this to any couple, any family or anyone looking for a good, hearty meal.

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