The Antony Worrall Thompson BBQ

To celebrate National BBQ Week (26th May to 1st June 2008) celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson has launched his own BBQ.


‘Whatever next’ I hear you say, but wait – this is a quality piece of garden kit! Look past the signed door (?!) and you`ll find a Five-Burner Wagon Grill crafted in full stainless steel featuring:

• four main burners beneath the large lower grill area
• a smaller upper grill level with ceramic grill which is used to crisp up food and keep it warm once cooked
• an additional fifth burner to the side provides a separate area perfect for using to make sauces and keep them warm.

Prices start from £349 and go up to £699
and strong PVC and Vinyl covers are available to purchase separately

As with many BBQ brands these days, there are a number of additional items you can purchase should you so wish:

• Antony Worrall Thompson`s BBQ Rub Set (RRP: £14.99) for chicken, beef and pork also contains a marinating dish
• Antony Worrall Thompson`s BBQ Basting Set (RRP: £12.99) containing bottled Pork Rub, Steak Rub, Ceramic Dish, Basting Dish and Whisk
• Antony Worrall Thompson`s Seasoning Tub (RRP: £14.99) containing BBQ Sauce, Chicken Rub, Steak Rub, Basting Brush, Galvanised Tub and Tea Towel
• Antony Worrall Thompson`s Shaker Set (RRP: £19.99) containing Steak, Pork and Chicken Rubs, Shakers, BBQ Sauce and Shaker Stand
• Antony Worrall Thompson`s BBQ Tray Set (RRP: £19.99) containing BBQ Sauce, Hot Chilli Sauce, Galvanised Tray, Brush, Skewers and Ceramic Dish.

Available from Wyvale garden centres and Argos, Next, Robert Dyas and Littlewoods Direct.

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