Pin Collar Shirts – The next big name in luxury shirts?

Pin Collar Shirts is an exciting and (relatively) new player in the luxury shirt market. Lussorian was particularly excited to hear more about their philosophy, style and offerings.

Carl Thompson, Founder and CEO of Pin Collar Shirts, said the following on the brand`s allegiance to quality: `With the big men’s formal fashion brands’ obsession with cutting costs, and inevitably cutting corners, the quality of the shirts available is deteriorating fast and the styles on offer are bland at best.` We have to say that Carl`s vision comes to fruition in the final piece (aka the shirts) – Pin Collar Shirts are a classy outfit (excuse the pun). Plus, with a range of slick offerings ranging from formal to casual, there really isn`t any occasion that Pin Collar Shirt cannot cater for.

In fact, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a hand made Pin Collar Shirt in white to get a feel for the quality and see if this is a genuine luxury service here. We are happy to report that there seems to be a real level of detail in the final shirt and this is fantastic to see. The Mother of Pearl buttons really add a touch of luxury and the material used is high quality and breathable to boot. It should also be added that the finish is super slick and the level of embroidery and craftsmanship put into these shirts makes the price tag all worthwhile. For £85 you expect a lot from your shirt, especially one that doesn`t come from a more well-known brand. However, the skill and technique used to make the shirt speaks volumes and justifies the price tag.
Here are a couple of the pieces from their latest range:

Formal Pin Collar Shirt Mid-Blue Straight Collar (£90)
Casual Pin Collar Shirt Pink Navy Stripe (£85)
Men`s Casual Pin Collar Shirt White (£85)

To take a look at the complete range of shirts, accessories and much more, please visit:

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