Le Colombier Chelsea, London – Review

Situated 5 minutes walk from South Kensington Tube you`ll find Le Colombier, Chelsea`s authentic French dining experience and a `must visit` for foodies (like us). It`s essentially a quaint, Parisian styled restaurant in the heart of Chelsea. The staff accents, aesthetics, vibrancy and menu are completely authentic and overall make for a fantastic experience.

It`s no secret that the French like their food right… their natural born talent to mix and match flavours to perfection is exactly what you`re signing up for with Le Colombier.

When we recently reviewed the restaurant we decided to start with the Salade de Crabe and Tranche de Foie Gras Maison both of which were beautifully presented and tasted great – fresh, flavoursome and left us gagging for more!



For mains we had the Filet de Loup de Mer Sauvage, Huile d’Olive Citronnée and Cǟ¶ïte de Veau au Thym et Ail Confit… again, no qualms with our choice. The dishes looked, smelt and tasted fantastic.

For deserts we decided to stray away from the broad range of sweets on offer and instead opted for the Vacherin Mont d’ Or for 2. If the truth be known, neither of us knew what exactly this was (our pigeon French really is more Sparrow!) but we had a hunch it was cheese… the hunch paid off and we were presented with the most delicious warmed Camembert circle and some more fresh bread to scoop it up with. Absolutely delicious and we left very pleased that we`d finished on a fantastic foodie high.

Our overall verdict, whether you`re passionate about French cuisine or not, Le Colombier is definitely worth a visit. Pricing is fair (around £40 – £50 per head), the atmosphere is authentic and the food is a delight. Just make sure you book beforehand as you run the risk of not getting in.

Oh… and Le Colombier also have private dining facilities.

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