Hydro 4000 Saviour For Luxury Gas Guzzlers

The Hydro 4000 is a device that is tentatively being touted as a major step forward in car fuel efficiency. There are so many technological developments taking place at the moment that it’s difficult to sift the genuine contenders from the dross – but if early reports are correct it sounds possible that the Hydro 4000 will be able to extract almost 60% more energy from your fuel.

That’s a huge saving that might just make your Hummer financially viable for a little longer.


The Hydro 4000 can be fitted to any vehicle for a very reasonable $1,200 (£600) and runs purely on water. I won’t go into the comparison of mathematical savings – save to say that with rising fuel costs your upfront payment for the Hydro 4000 will begin to seem cheap at the price.

So how does this thing work? Well, without getting too technical – virtually every car expels around 15% of unburnt gas through the exhaust pipe. The Hydro 4000 sends hydrogen into your engine providing an ultra clean burning atmosphere, which ensures you reduce your unburnt gas levels down to virtually nothing.

I have to say that I remain sceptical. However, NewsChannel 5 in the US tested the Hydro 4000 and came up with a fuel efficiency improved by 58% on the road.

We’ll see, but if this is the real mcoy then we may have seen a stay of execution for the luxury gas guzzler.

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