Gioia restaurant review at the VIP rooms Paris

If you wanna eat hip in the French capital then pull up a seat ringside at a most ritzy club. This first floor restaurant looking down into the VIP club on rue de Rivoli in Paris. For trendy eaterie in Paris, check out our Gioia restaurant review,

Before the club crowd hits this hip joint, gaze down on the dance floor, which has seen passing a host of top names like Ibiza king David Guetta.

The VIP has moved across town from the Champs Elysées and has not missed a funky beat. And now added to that is a funky eatery!


After feasting your eyes on the mythic club below admire the setting. Across one wall are the serried ranks of bottles as decorations to get in the party mood for a little excess. Prior to taking a seat at table you can pull up at the cocktail bar, which is in the shape of an outsize grand piano. White, it has funky designs on the side. From here you can admire some real artworks on the wall, notably the creations of David de la Chapelle and no less a name than Bono.

This is A List Country! Recently proving this very point was the arrival of Johnny Depp to celebrate the French release of his latest film Rum Diary. With this in mind, we felt Lussorian had to get in on the act with a Gioia restaurant review, we were not disappointed.

With all this star power you might be forgiven for being too overawed to eat. But even the celebrities cannot over shadow an honest and high quality menu. The Italian menu here will light up your taste buds. Literally! The menu is brightly backlit when opened, allowing you to see clearly to order in the low light.

The antipasti we shared was a copious delight. The fine cuts of charcuterie were divine, Japanese style prawns and a platter of freshest tomatoes and mozzarella. Mains included clams in a tomato rich sauce, which coated the quality pasta. The escalope Milanese was nearly the width of the place setting. Wafer thin with a coating to bring the taste alive! And, being Italian, the pizza takes a starring role. And does not disappoint.

The 4 Stagioni was succulent and tasty. A rustic delight quite at home in this slick palace.

From the cocktails to the carte des vins was a pleasant migration – the fiesta tastes of Caipirinha and Mojito, to the floral fruitiness of Tuscan vineyards. Most acceptable!

This is a real restaurant in a real nightclub with real artworks on the walls but just as important real Italian cuisine in the plate: a pretty irresistible mix.

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