Electrolux, a Michelin starred chef and the Cannes film festival 2012

By Toby Rose
Electrolux is bringing its kitchen skills to compliment the dining experience for stars at the Cannes Film Festival. The Swedish appliances giant has brought in two culinary giants to offer the best cuisine to the biggest stars and their guests.

Lussorian was lucky enough to be invited to the chef`s table to get a ringside view of the work of Rasmus Kofed from the legendary Copenhagen restaurant, Geranium.

A couple of days after feeding the great and the good of the world of cinema at the opening night Lussorian enjoyed a less pressured moment to enjoy a lunch in the shadow of the stove. In the most upmarket of field kitchens – a marquee in the shadow of the famous Cannes red carpet – we gathered around the Michelin starred chef and his team as he served some delicious amuse-bouches of asparagus and herb-flecked crackers. A subtle delight, which was sign of things to come. Then we sat and were served a magnificent three-course lunch of finest fare.


Hands on chef Rasmus introduced each dish and even ladled on the coulis for the masterful main. Personally, it was my sweet tooth which was a victim of love at first sight with a beautiful fresh and cleansing arrangement of celery and cucumber on a tangy bed of panacotta style white cream. It was a triumph.

For the festival the Electrolux initiative is the perfect way to offer festival guests an unforgettable Gallic experience. In the midst of the bustle and the selling a respect for the quality of cuisine sits alongside cinema excellence.
The French capacity to offer the ultimate setting for the finest dishes is a marriage of French savoir-faire and international culinary flair.

Frederique Pirenne, PR Director Europe, Electrolux said: `The Festival is an internationally renowned stage for originality so, for the 65th anniversary, we wanted to deliver an opening event that reflects the talent and inventiveness that have contributed to its success. We`ve worked with Michelin star chefs for over 90 years, helping to support their creative endeavours in the kitchen, so it makes sense that we honour the festival with a dining experience that matches the artistry of the attendees.`Diners enjoyed a feast of 20 kilos of scallops, 12 kilos of truffles, 21 kilos of morelles and 45 kilos of smoked salmon sides, washed down with 4 kilos of white chocolate and 70 litres of fresh cream. 100 waiters were in charge of making sure service ran smoothly, as well as keeping 2000 glasses polished, and 3000 plates filled, emptied and cleared away.


Menu for the Opening Gala Dinner:
Amuse Bouche
Royale de morilles au vin jaune, créme double á la truffe
Mousse of morilles mushrooms with wine and truffle cream

Dos de Saumon et Coquille Saint-Jacques au raifort á la Printaniére
Smoked salmon and scallop with horseradish cream, cucumber, herbs and flowers

Main course
Jarret de Veau du Limousin cuisiné 24 heures, foie gras de canard poǟ¶¦lé,rattes écrasées á la truffe
Limousin veal knuckle cooked 24hours, pan fried slice of foie gras and mashed potatoes with truffle

Cube de Glace á la Réglisse et Fruits Rouges
Iced Cube of Liquorice with Red Fruits

Petits Fours
Bonbon Chocolat des Anges
Chocolate bonbon
Madeleine au Miel de lavande
Madeleine with lavender honey

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