Desroches Island, Seychelles Launches New Spa

Luxury-Check! Exclusivity-Check! Impressive eco credentials-Check! With all three boxes firmly ticked, Desroches Island is an idyllic private island in the Seychelles and on the 12th August the eagerly anticipated spa simply titled `Escape` will be launched.

Escape sets itself apart from other spas at it is the first spa in the Indian Ocean to offer the A list Spa brand Elemental Herbology. A unique brand dedicated to creating natural and effective skincare and spa treatments that work in harmony with the body.

The conservational philosophy embraced by Desroches is reflected in the extensive treatment menu. Natural oils and expertly selected ingredients have been blended together to create signature treatments unique to Desroches, as well as massages that encompass the earth`s elements and natural creations including: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of these is conceived with a specific purpose – to Rejuvinate, Zest, Balance, Detox and Soothe. All treatments are skillfully delivered by experienced therapists from Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.




The Escape Spa has been sensitively designed to blend in with the natural island surroundings; it effortlessly fuses the relaxing island atmosphere with the chic simplicity that is Desroches. Guests enter the Escape Spa via the Reception Pavilion where their spa journey begins. Four treatment rooms, including one for couples, all with private showers, bestow a comforting and peaceful ambience.

Accessible by private seaplane, Desroches Island is pure escapism in itself. Escape will only further enhance the luxurious experience Desroches offers its guests and will add a new dimension to the island.

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