Crow`s Nest – Unique fine jewellery

There is a new line of unique fine jewellery you should be aware of, some of the designs are breathtakingly good.

Crows`s Nest is a high end range of unique fine jewellery which celebrates contemporary design and truly inspirational pieces.

The designer behind Crow`s Nest is 24-year-old Daniel-Phillip Belevitch. Belevitch created his debut collections through his vision to celebrate uncompromised quality and impeccable craftsmanship.


With nature being the main inspiration to Crow`s Nest, the range of unique fine jewellery is full of colour and the world`s precious and semi precious stones including white and black diamonds, garnet, blue topaz and also black spinell beads.

Each piece is set in 18kt gold with a vivid pear shaped tsavorite, signature to each Crow`s Nest design.

Daniel founded Crow`s Nest with a desire to fulfil the void in imaginative fine jewellery for both men and women, and thus created his first collections, `Dream Feather`, `Believe it or Not`, `Deluxe Russian Grooves`, `Jungle Fever`, `Secret Keeper` and `Amulet`.

His ethos is to create striking fine jewellery to satisfy the wildest of imaginations and specialises in bespoke jewellery design, creating pieces beyond limitations.

`My interpretation of the fine art and antiques which filled my home as a child influenced my vision for the jewellery designs that you see in my collections today. I believe the best inspiration comes from the past, embracing the history that has shaped our presence today. My collections are not confined to any mould, I want each piece to be visually breathtaking in design and bring fine jewellery to a new contemporary platform.`

All Crow`s Nest unique fine jewellery is hand-crafted in Austria and sold through private clients.

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