The World’s most expensive Chocolate Treats

Probably derived from the word ‘xocolatl’, a classical Nahuatl term meaning ‘bitter water’, chocolate is believed to have evolved some time around 1900 BC, when ancient Mesoamericans used Theobroma cacao beans and fruit pulp to brew somewhat bitter alcoholic beverages for special occasions.

It has come a long way and undergone many changes since then. What was once a bitter beverage now typically conjures up visions of sweet treats melting deliciously on your tongue. A welcome gift for just about any occasion, chocolate not only melts in your mouth, it melts hearts, too. How much more will it melt a heart when accompanied by jewels and presented in a beautifully designed box?!

Here’s the World’s most expensive Chocolate Treats…. enjoy!

Le Chocolat Box

Without doubt the world’s most expensive box of chocolates, Le Chocolat Box was the idea of innovative Simon Jewellers. The gorgeously designed box contains a gourmet chocolate collection by Lake Forest Confections. Buyers can then add a choice of diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings from the ‘Personal Jewellery Collection’ of Simon Jewellers.


Based on the thought that chocolate and diamonds are the two top things that will melt a woman’s heart, this novel concept does, however, come at a price – to get this masterpiece of chocolate heaven, you will have to pay a cool $1.5 million.

Frrozen Haute Chocolate

A similar, though at ‘only’ $25,000 somewhat less expensive treat is the Frrozen (that, by the way, is not a typing error, it really is called ‘Frrozen’) Haute Chocolate dessert served at Serendipity 3 in New York City (where it must be pre-ordered, as it does require rather a lot of preparation).

Designed by Euphoria New York, the dessert is created from an exclusively selected combination of some of the world’s best cocoas and edible gold. Served with a gold and diamond bracelet wrapped around the goblet’s base, it is eaten with a gold spoon set with chocolate coloured and white diamonds.

Swarovski studded Chocolates

Lebanese chocolatier Patchi joined up with Harrods to create a box of chocolates that won the Academy of Chocolates’ title of ‘Best Chocolate in the World’. The appearance of 49 pieces of scrumptious chocolate was enhanced with the help of Swarovski crystals, gold and silk roses before being wrapped in Indian Silk (hand-woven) and placed into a suede-casing. Exotic, exclusive and unbelievably tasty, too, the Swarovski studded Chocolates will set you back a ‘mere’ $10,000.

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