The Best Headphones Of 2011 – Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

At Lussorian, we are long admirers of Atomic Floyd. Each model has consistently our performed rivals in the same price bracket.

Now, with the release of SuperDarts, suddenly Atomic Floyd are competing with the highest price bracket headphones, yet are on sale for £199.00.

I was lucky enough to review the Atomic Floyd MiniDarts nearly a year ago and they remain my headphone of choice.

Until now…


The SuperDarts are different from other Atomic Floyd products due to dual drivers, meaning that there are four speakers inside instead of the standard two found in most other earphones. I wanted to see just what a difference the dual drivers made….

I listened to one of my favourite tunes with the MiniDarts and then played the same song back using the SuperDarts.


Where the MiniDarts give you crystal clear sound with a good bass, the SuperDarts take it up a few levels. The sound is complete.

This is 3D sound. Your ears get a treatment that they haven`t before encountered. Twangs and beats come at you from everywhere. Your head fills with sound. It is a beautiful thing.

I then went through a few different albums, picking out some beauties to try on the SuperDarts, in fact, I became a little obsessed. It was a little like discovering an extra dimension to your favourite song. Layers of sound and low frequency notes that might normally get missed.

Atomic Floyd have delivered the Best Headphones Of 2011, no doubt. The fact that they look as good as they sound is 1) a mean feat and 2) no surprise. This is Atomic Floyd, they just do things better!

Using titanium, steel, Kevlar and gold, the SuperDarts are a superior choice, perfect for any serious music lover.

The SuperDarts come with a new inline stainless steel remote/mic which provides full control of playback and volume, and seamless switching between music and chat (with full iPhone and iPad compatibility).

Atomic Floyd were already there, but with the release of the best headphones of 2011, their mantra of `unstoppable performance meets breathtaking design` has been met 100%.

Available exclusively from Atomic Floyd and Apple Store.

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