TAGA Bike – The Ultimate Hybrid Stroller/Bicycle

Welcome to the future! Born in the nation of bicycles and Tulips, Holland, this is the hottest gadget on the market for parents.

This is the Taga, classed as a `multifunctional urban vehicle` and has been designed to suit the demands of modern parenthood and green lifestyle.
It retails for around £1,700 so not for all, but for those who can afford one, be prepared to stop traffic in this.


It`s actually a little like a `Transformer` in that it can be converted within seconds into a stroller, allowing parent and child to conveniently enter the premises, ride an elevator or ascend steps. There is no need to lock Taga outside and no parts are left behind. You wouldn`t want to leave this outside the shops in London!

If you think £1700 is a lot to spend on this, remember that once the kids have grown up you can use it as a shopping bike, brilliant!

See where to buy in the UK.


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