Scholtes kitchen sink drama design

Five star kitchens were visited by a two starred chef and a brace of stage stars. The setting was the Scholtes showroom on swanky Wigmore Street.

The showcase space was a smart multi-level area, which used wood as a contrast to the metal surfaces of Scholtes finest appliances, was the design brainchild of Spanish born designer Patricia Urquiola. Most chic. Most functional. And a nod to the new and growing status of the modern kitchen helped in no small measure by the rising craze for cooking and the rise of the super star chef.
And Scholtes had one on hand for their launch events – Sat Bains from Nottingham. But more of him in a moment.


You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties goes the song. And it now seems you’ll find more cutting edge style in kitchens as they become ever more designer. And to explore this theme that the new hearth is the hob, the folks from Scholtes took the daring decision to commission a play using their wares as the setting. Kitchens have often been seen as the comfort zone of the house. And at the same time the place of not a little drama around the kitchen sink. The kitchen is becoming more than ever the focal point for more than food.

To make the make the point a specially commissioned work was enacted before an invited audience which evoked high personal drama against the backdrop of a state of the art range of kitchen appliances. Kitchen spots snapped us between scenes as the actors bobbed up and down behind counters and deposited curl of fairy lights in a jar on shelves or cradled them in their arms, carrying them round as so much of life’s baggage.

As drama for pregnancy to cancer played out we got to see that most symbolic of foodstuff – the egg – go on the boil (soft. symbolic?) and an omelette prepared as a multihanded joint excerise.
After the troupe took there bows food moved from metaphor and backdrop to centre stage in the expert hands of Sat Bains.

The Michelin award winning star took to the stage to create a three course feast of maxi canapés. In his dashing chefs whites he masterfully choreographed the serving of a fishy appetiser, a beefy mini main and a chocolately desert. All carried off with brio and aplomb. And not a little bonhomie. The theatre kitchen peopled by the troupe honed by Nathan Curry from the Bush and the maestro of the wizard stoves of Nottingham.

Scholtes did the kitchen and their kitchen wares proud!

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