Men’s luxury accessories fit for Millionaires

While umbrellas, ties and belts rarely spring readily to mind when contemplating luxurious men’s accessories, they do feature high among the world’s most expensive accessories for men. Here are six of these luxury accessories.

Cufflinks by Jacob & Co

The most expensive accessory to get ‘your man’ at the moment is a pair of cufflinks designed by Jacob & Co. Featuring a yellow diamond weighing in at 10.5 carat, framed by baguette cut diamonds totalling five carats each, these cufflinks will set you back a cool $4.2 million.

‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’


Compared to the most expensive watch ever (a 1735 Blancpain watch sold at $8.39 million), the ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’ wrist watch created by Patek Philippe, a Swiss watch maker, seems a bargain at ‘only’ $1.1 million. Crafted from leather and gold, this impressive, somewhat lavish time-piece features a perpetual calendar, sidereal time display, moon phases and side display of the stars’ motions.

Gucci Belt

Commissioned by a Republica Fashion client (anonymous), the Gucci belt hailed as the world’s most expensive men’s belt was created as a joint effort by Stuart Hughes (UK designer) and Goldstriker International. It is a traditional Gucci belt with the monogrammed belt buckle consisting of platinum and featuring 30 carats worth of diamonds along the ‘G’ facing the right way up. The last known price (2012) for this gem of a belt was $256,970.

Satya Paul Necktie

Silk, white gold yarn and 261 diamonds totalling 77 carats were used to create a lavish, though (according to some) potentially tacky necktie by designer Satya Paul. Certainly sparkly, this tie is priced at a ‘mere’ $223,000.

Crocodile Skin Umbrella

Designer Angelo Galasso and mogul Flavio Briatore (Italian Formula One) were responsible for the design and creation of a $50,000 umbrella consisting of genuine, actually water-resistant crocodile skin.

Alligator Dress Shoe

This umbrella will, by the way, go extremely well with the world’s most expensive dress shoe, the Moro Alligator Skin shoe created by A. Testoni, the famed luxury shoe maker of Bolognia. The price of these shoes is $38,000.

Considering the fact that many alligator and crocodile species around the world are endangered, these prices, high as they may seem, are actually surprisingly low.

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