Mark McNairy reworks the Triumph for an insatiable fashion combo

Top class and world renowned fashion design Mark Mcnairy has teamed up with the Original Sneaker brand – Keds, to rework the iconic Triumph sneaker. Luxury isn`t usually associated with the humble sneaker, but with Mark McNairy on board, we thought that these Keds make an exception to this rule. Also, they are seriously cool shoes.

Mark McNairy is responsible for fashion achievements such as the Ivy League style and the reworking of J.Press, one of the longest running and biggest US clothiers. Additionally, McNairy has recently launched his own luxurious range of footwear under the brand name Mark McNairy New Amsterdam.


With these fashion credentials in mind, we were really keen to hear and see exactly how McNairy was going to adapt, alter and change the Keds Triumph. The Triumph shoe first landed on shop shelves in the 1920s and became known as the `shoe of champions`, thanks to its style and performance. It really is THE sneaker. In fact, McNairy once described the Triumph as his `favourite sneaker of all time`, therefore making the duo an ideal match.

According to Keds `The Triumph was featured in the Aviator movie in 2004, appearing as a fashion statement to replica the shoes that Leonardo DiCaprio`s stylish character `Hughes` wore in the 1930`s.`

So here they are:


These shoes offer everything; they offer style, heritage and quality. The reworked Triumph`s went on sale on the 1st of July. They retail at £50 and come in green, navy and white. Also, on August 1st, the reworked shoes will also be available in suede. These will be £60 and will be sold in Urban Outfitter stores.

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