Mamont Vodka`s Everest 60 Challenge

Last week we received a bottle of the beautiful Siberian premium Mamont vodka to sample and also some great news about the brand`s recent Everest 60 Challenge.


Firstly, Mamont is one of the most aesthetically impressive drinks (of any kind) on the market, thanks to a unique tusk shaped bottle. It really would sit well in your tipple collection at home. Not only is the look of the bottle impressive, but the taste is ultra-smooth and delicate. Best served neat and over ice, Mamont is triple filtered, six times distilled and has been produced using traditional Siberian techniques. Beginning with pure water from artesian Siberian wells; the finest local wheat is then added and then treated with Serbian birch charcoal to give a drier finish. After filtering, you have one of the finest vodkas on the market – we love it here at Lussorian. Well worth the £32 RRP, so get a couple ordered in.

Everest 60 Challenge

Recently, Mamont a cocktail competition like no other, where Bartenders and Bar Backs were challenged to develop THE Mamont serve – a cocktail embodying the Spirit of Adventure from which the brand was born.


Nine teams from across the UK gathered at London`s latest destination bar, Megaro Bar, to compete in the competition, which celebrated one of the greatest adventures of the past century – Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay`s conquest of Mount Everest. Similar to Hillary and Norgay, the climber and the Sherpa, the Bartender was tested on their ability to mix and balance different cocktails and the Bar Back on their prep skills, but most importantly they needed to show true team work in the face of adversity.

Following a series of physical and mixology challenges, the winning team was announced as David Smilie and Alec Dyson from Booly Mardy`s in Glasgow, ascending to victory with The 56 Degree Mamont Martini – a twist on a cocktail classic incorporating Single Malt Speyside Whisky, Italian wine and Absinthe.

In celebration, the winners and participants were treated to a traditional Russian feast, where The 56 Degree Mamont Martini was served. Tamara Mazur, Mamont Vodka Ambassador, says of the winning cocktail, `This Martini is a classic vodka serve seamlessly incorporating a taste of Scotland – a nod to the Bartender`s heritage and in recognition of both Siberia and Scotland sitting at 56 Degrees North. With a dash of absinthe the cocktail takes on an adventurous quality and the decision to not add garnish shows the creators` true understanding of Mamont`s commitment to being the purist vodka to emerge from Russia. A truly perfect Mamont signature serve!`

The 56 Degree Mamont Martini will be served at The 2013 Moscow Bar Show in October, to which the winning Bartender and Bar Back will taken as part of their own adventure with Siberia`s premium vodka.

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