Luxury sporting goods from Suka Sport

At Lussorian, we try to focus on every corner of luxury. Sure, you get the luxury hotel`s, luxury drinks and luxury gadgets, but we like to explore every possible avenue.

It`s time to look at luxury fitness, and with Suka Sport, you get the very best in sporting luxury – all under one roof.

Suka Sport, a unique new sports boutique opened in Carnaby, London, on 14th April.


Suka Sport stock a range of really innovative, high-tech sport brands aimed at serious runners and tri-athletes, as well as the style conscious gym goer!

Many of these brands have been sourced from around the world and are new to the UK.

Below are just a few examples of some of the high-tech products Suka stock:

2 X U Wetsuit – a US company specializing in compression gear, 2XU are now emerging in the UK market and have a range of great products to ensure greater muscle stability and injury prevention.

Newton Sir Isaac trainer – Newton are a leading US specialist in running shoes, and this is one of their best sellers. It is designed to encourage natural running and to prevent injury.

Zoot, Mens Ultra Race 3.0 trainer – another pioneering running specialist, Zoot make some of the best supportive trainers for triathlon racing needs.

Sugoi Versa Jacket – incredibly hard working apparel for endurance sports.

Suka`s website will soon have these products, and lots more, online and will be delivering throughout the UK.

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