Luxury is a Cut Glass Decanter

A stylish decanter can often add a touch of luxury to a living room or drawing room. I don’t personally drink a great deal anymore but the occasional tipple of Brandy or Port is still a lovely treat now and again. If it’s contained within a quality decanter then somehow it tastes even better.

I hadn’t heard of David Redman Amethyst decanters until only recently but they really are quite spectacular in my opinion. This one has wonderful deep purple coloured amethyst crystal that is hand crafted in a nostalgic tilt towards art deco design. Quite beautiful in my opinion. This one retails for $750 (£500).


Alternatively, how about this beautifully simple Riedel Amadeo Lyra decanter which commemorates the Austrian companies 250th birthday. This one is made from lead crystal and has a wide filling port that avoids spillage.


Wineware retail this product at around $300 (£200).

If you’re unfamiliar with Riedel, here’s a little bit of background courtesy of Wineware:

“There is only one glass-maker who puts as much passion into developing the finest tools to capture wines` full potential as do their wine makers. This man is Georg Riedel and his mission is to provide precision tools in the service of wine so that each wines` finest elements are the ones highlighted by the glass. Riedel has been known for over four decades for designing the most finely tuned instruments for every level of wine sophistication as well, today, as the finest wine glasses in all categories. While a glass cannot alter a fine wine or spirit, it can and does dramatically alter our perception of it. Try it and see for yourself !”

Got to say that as rule Riedel creations are absolutely stunning and make a wonderful luxury addition to any household.

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