Jabra Clipper Bluetooth headset review

This funky new addition to the luxury Jabra range offers great music and phone interactivity.


Designed to clip onto belts or shirts hence the “Jabra Clipper” name – this bad boy offers real quality of sound that is lacking with other bluetooth headsets. However, one early criticism was the difficulty I had with actually clipping it on – the clasp is as stiff as a board…

However, stiffness aside this piece of kit allows you to enjoy music in genuine stereo without missing important phone calls. The clip itself incorporates some strategically placed track and volume controls that are ridged – so enabling touch and feel recognition while on the go.

Jabra say:

“Developed by GN Netcom, a world leader in innovative headset solutions, the tiny clip-on device with noise-blocking stereo headphones lets you listen to your favourite tunes as well as take calls while on the go. With minimalistic controls and smooth Scandinavian styling, the Jabra CLIPPER mixes coolness with functionality to set you apart from the crowd. Music lovers need no longer worry about the sound of their favourite tracks drowning out the ringing of their mobile phone. With the Jabra CLIPPER the days of changing between MP3 player and your phone when a call comes in are over as both devices connect wirelessly so you can flip between calls and fantastic sounding tunes instantly. Calls will automatically override the sound of any music and at the touch of one multi function button users can easily pause, skip tracks or alter the volume. Weighing just 20 grams, the Jabra CLIPPER neatly clips onto your clothing, for example, your jacket, sweater or bag-strap, to keep it out of the way, and you can keep your phone and MP3 player separately in a bag or pocket without breaking the connection; it will even give you a warning signal if you start to head out of range (within 10 m).”

Key Specifications of the Jabra Clipper:

• Bluetooth 2.1, including EDR, A2DP and AVRCP
• Clip-on wearing style
• Talk time = 6 hours
• Standby time = 8 days
• Dimensions = L47.95 mm x W16.45 mm x H25.50 mm
• Weight = 20 grams
• Noise-blocking Stereo Ear buds
• AC charger

The Jabra Clipper retails for £39.00 ($60 approx).

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