Horticultural art exhibition to open in London at The Little Black Gallery

April symbolises Spring and reflects a time when flowers bloom and new life begins. In April 2013, The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea will be transformed into a floral heaven to celebrate the launch of `Flowers`, a horticultural art exhibition by Japanese artist Hiro Arakawa.

Born in Japan, Hiroyuki Arakawa began working as a photographer`s assistant capturing some of the most famous faces of the 1970`s and 1980`s, before becoming a leading portrait photographer.

Arakawa has photographed some of the most famous people in the world including Luciano Pavarotti, Keith Richards and Antonio Banderas


‘Flowers’ is part of a collection of works by Hiroyuki Arakawa which were begun in honour of his late mother, a traditional Master of Flower Arrangement and the Tea Ceremony.

In homage, Hiro Arakawa began what will be a lifetime study of white flowers, photographed in their most purest form. The collection began with Tea Roses, Orchids and Astor Lilies and now encompasses more than 100 studies.

Projecting his imagery in black and white enhances the generic message behind white flowers which are believed to be an infinite reminder to us all of peace and a feeling that all is well with the world.
Timeless, simple yet provocative, the first exhibition of Arakawa`s `White Flowers` was held in Tokyo in 2008 to great critical acclaim. Since then Arakawa`s work has developed a loyal following around the world.
“White Flowers are the infinite reminder to us all of peace and a feeling that all is well with the world” – Hiroyuki Arakawa, Tokyo, 2010

`Flowers` is Hiroyuki Arakawa`s first UK horticultural art exhibition and will herald the start of the horticulture calendar in London. The exhibition will run from 30 April to 1 June 2013. Hiroyuki Arakawa is represented in the UK by Saffron Interior Arts a collective of textile, furniture, sculpture and fine art designers based all around the world.

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