Goodman Steakhouse Review

If you`ve had turkey to see you through till next xmas you could do worse than venture into Goodman, a recently opened steakhouse in London`s Mayfair. Although a Russian owned restaurant you`d be forgiven for believing you`d stepped straight into a swanky Chicago Saloon. My dining companion joked she could picture the cast of Mad Men in one of their dark leather booths knocking back a bourbon! The interior is dark and masculine with a long wooden bar serving beers & cocktails running alongside the main dining area. We started the evening here with an old fashioned G&T and prepared ourselves for a hearty meal, if there is one thing you need to be at this place it`s hungry.



Dining out at Goodman is a meaty affair- this place takes steak seriously. Before ordering we were brought a plate of the various different cuts of meat and given a bit of background on each one. The staff here are all very enthusiastic and really know their stuff. Only the best beef is selected, dry aged, hand cut and cooked over a special charcoal-fired grill to specific temperature. After our meal we were shown the kitchen which contained a large refrigerated room packed with hunks of beef and the famous grill itself – there is no danger in ordering badly in this restaurant, they consider cooking steak to be an art form! But if all this sounds very technical then don`t worry, I hadn`t had much of an idea about what to order so went with the advice of our waitress and had the mignon whilst my friend had the Goodman`s own Rib Eye. Both were equally tender and juicy which is just as well as steaks here start at £25.00, although are worth every penny.

As the mains were going to be a carnivorous affair we opted to share lighter starters including a fantastic salmon carpaccio that comes dressed in an exquisite passion fruit sauce. There are plenty of extras to accompany the dinner too, including some very tasty chunky chips and gorgeous creamed spinach. The wine list itself is also extensive with a good selection of full bodied reds just perfect for a meaty dinner. If you can pack in desert I`d recommend the vanilla cheesecake, I somehow struggled my way through it…

I can`t think of many places in London where you are guaranteed a quality steak dining experience and finish it off with a Russian Vodka. So for that experience alone forsake the brussel sprouts and get down to Goodman!


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