Godminster Vintage Oak Smoked Cheddar and Organic Godminster Vintage vodka

Vodka and cheese… possibly not a combination you`d immediately think of putting together, but don`t knock it until you`ve tried it!

We recently got sent some Godminster Vintage Oak Smoked Cheddar and Organic Godminster Vintage vodka. Now vodka and cheese are two of my favourite things, so I wasn`t going to pass this opportunity up!

The cheese was oak smoked and made from the milk of its pampered cows in the heart of Somerset. I`ve never really been into smoked cheese to be honest, reminds me of German breakfasts… BUT I can honestly say that my taste buds have had a complete change in attitude since trying it. I have to make it very clear that this Cheddar isn`t like a rubbery smoked German Edam by the way; it`s the perfect texture for vintage Cheddar and melts in your mouth. Obviously the deeper you get into the cheese the less Smokey it tastes, so you actually get the best of both worlds. It`s matured for over 14 months and will set you back a very reasonable £5.25.


So… onto the vodka. I was sent a small trial of the Horseradish vodka… `horseradish vodka… whatever next` I thought. I first froze my sampler, unscrewed it and then swigged away. I only know horseradish from eating huge quantities of it with roast beef. Obviously it`s an acquired taste for most. To be honest I`m still undecided if it`s a flavour I`d pick up off the shelf, although it has a rather `unusual` factor about it and will certainly become a talking point after a dinner with guests. Just don`t expect everyone to come back for seconds; this one`s only for those that love the intenseness of the horseradish flavour.

There are loads of other flavours to choose from too, including sweet Blackberries, Elderflower, Rhubarb, Sloe and Cucumber. A 35cl bottle of Horseradish Vodka retails at £21.49.


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