Expensive music memorabilia

Loving music isn`t about having a whacking great iTunes library full of misspelt tracks from obscure dubstep artists that will never be listened to. It`s about fandom. Well, an odd kind of fandom. The obsession to find and seek everything you absolutely can from your favourite artist. And it grips us music buffs.

Somewhat weirdly (weird at least when I think about it too much) I own four different copies of Pink Floyd`s Wish You Were Here Album. One on CD, one on heavyweight remastered vinyl, one high bit-rate downloaded copy (disrupted across my phone, home laptop, work laptop and portable hard drive) and one on a cassette to be used in case of emergencies – if the only thing I have left is my dad`s old Sony Walkman and the only source of power available are AA batteries. Why? The tracks are all the same right? Well they are but well there`s some kind of bizarre completionist obsession when it comes to us music lovers.

So, for the fan who has everything, here`s a list of music memorabilia that you might just need to complete that collection:

The Beatles Box Set – Remastered in stereo

Sure you`ve probably got every Beatles track that was ever produced floating around your computer`s hard drive, and you could listen to them on YouTube anyway. And maybe your dad or uncle gave you a few of his old Beatles LPs. Sorry. No dice. This box set, containing literally everything that they produced in vinyl will be the only thing that will do. That`s everything. Remastered in stereo. A steal at £125 if you ask me.

Noel Gallagher Epiphone Supernova

You`ll learn how to play it some day. In splendid Manchester City blue you can own the guitar that Noel put his name to. Although, sadly not in the famous Union flag colours, it has supernova in the name, so it`s worth every cent of the $1900 asking price. The ultra rare black one could potentially be twice that price if you hunt for it.


John Lennon`s wooden spoon

From the sublime to the slightly ridiculous. But John Lennon actually used and signed it, so that`s OK. He is John Lennon after all. Fetched £875 at auction.

Wurlitzer Model 2300 vinyl jukebox

These old jukeboxes really are feats of art and engineering, and it can be yours for £5,500. Seriously, imagine owning a bar and having an original vinyl jukebox in it! I would go there – as long as you had decent records that is.


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