Baity Kitchen, Chelsea Review

Every successful party always lands up in a kitchen, so its seems entirely appropriate that the latest west London launch party took place in exactly that.

The beautiful South Kensington eatery ‘Baity Kitchen‘ is the work of Jouide Kalla- Anagnou,a glamorous and dynamic young woman who wanted to offer the best of Middle Eastern cuisine in a warm, laid back and friendly environment.


At her packed out summer soiree, delicious plates of spiced lamb, salted beef and zesty crab were served up alongside chilled flutes of champagne and fruity cocktails, allowing us guests a delicious insight into her culinary talent.

Drawing on her Palestinian background, Jouide creates fresh dishes every morning using only top quality ingredients, each morsel seasoned with the fragrant herbs and exotic spices so evocative of her homeland.


Pomegranate, artichoke, fresh mint, garlic and coriander can be found in the mouth watering menu and even in the air itself. The evening took on a Mediterranean flavour as guests spilled into the herb garden where lavender. bergamot and orange trees jostled for space and transported us away from London.

The mood was no happy accident, I found out afterwards that Jouide deliberately fuses Greek and Turkish cuisine into her cooking and even painted the chairs the same blue as the Evil eye.

She needn’t worry too much, with so much good will on display that evening I doubt anyone will be casting a bad spells over Baity.

Go see for yourself, it’s open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

172 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL

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