5 of the World’s most expensive restaurants

If you ever feel like splashing out and dining in real style (and at potentially huge cost), you may want to take trip to one of the world’s most expensive restaurants listed here in no particular order (prices are approximate and believed to be correct at time of writing).

Aragawa, Tokyo, Japan

For a tasty Sanda Beefsteak (charcoal broiled); freshly smoked salmon or the best Kobe Beef you’ll ever get to taste, head to the Aragawa in Tokyo. Established in 1967, this seemingly humble steakhouse has a seasonally changing menu that is recited by waiters, as opposed to being available in written form. A main meal here will set you back around $450 per person.


Masa, New York, USA

Sushi fans should enjoy a trip to Masa, a Zen-like 26-seat sushi temple situated in the Time Warner Centre, Columbus Circle, New York. A multi-course dinner including multiple appetisers, followed by a delightful selection of entrees and a dessert course will cost you between $450 and $600 a head.

Ithaa, Rangali Island, Maldives

Offering diners the opportunity to experience panoramic views (180 degrees) of vibrant coral gardens, the Ithaa is the first underwater restaurant in the world. Typically serving set six-course dinners (contemporary European cuisine), rumour has it that a 23 course seafood extravaganza will cost patrons around $300 per head.

Solo Per Due, Vacone, Italy

Pure romance is on the cards when visiting the Solo Per Due in Vacone, the world’s smallest restaurant, which only caters for two people at a time. Set in delightful historic surroundings, guests are treated to candle-lit dinners disturbed by waiters only on request (via silver hand-bell). The price for a tǟ¶¦te-á-tǟ¶¦te at this gem of a restaurant is $340 per person (not including drinks).

El Bulli, Cala Monjoi, Spain

This restaurant opens for only six months/ year, as worldwide acclaimed chef Ferran Adria spends the other six months coming up with exotic new dishes. If you fancy your chances of getting a table (only 0.8% out of a million enquiries actually lead to a reservation each year) at the El Bulli, you can look forward to an exciting 30 course meal likely to cost you something in the region of $400 per person.

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