2 new friendship films from luxury Scotch whisky Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal continue to push the luxury boundaries, showing their competitors how it`s done. Chivas Regal is the No 1 luxury Scotch whisky in China and the No 1 ultra-premium Scotch whisky in the world.

The latest offering from Chivas Regal is the release of two short films based around four modern males and their friendship.


Enlisting Academy Award© winning short filmmaker Joachim Back, Chivas Regal will release the two films on Chivas.com. Back brings his trademark comic sensibility to celebrate real friends and the stories that bind them forever.

The films are engaging and current, laced with humour and filmed beautifully. Just watch the trailer, I guarantee you will be hooked!

The first `Here`s to Big Bear` premieres on 31st October 2011. The film follows the four friends Joe, Sammy, Nicolas and Emilio as they find themselves stranded at a train station in the middle of nowhere after getting off at the wrong stop.


Chivas Regal Brand Director James Slack commented: `The escapades of these four guys are re-lived and retold in a way that we can all relate to. From the comforting retrospective of the future, it`s great to look back on the good times and the bad times with your best friends. If it`s over a glass of Chivas, all the better.`

The second film, `Here`s to Twinkle`, recounts the time when the friends came together to support Sammy during a bad break-up.


Chivas Regal hopes the films will resonate with `a new breed of gentleman enjoying close-knit friendships with his loyal male friends,`

So, I guess I will see you over at Chivas.com on the 31st?!

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